Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DIY Bingo Card Mini Album

It's easy to make a bingo card mini album using printable bingo cards from KB and Friends.

The bingo card, crossword and word search backgrounds used throughout this 5" by 7" album are versatile enough to be used with any kind of scrapbook theme. We chose to make a heritage album using vintage photos of two brothers growing up in the 1940s and 1950s.


Assortment of KB and Friends' digital bingo cards
10 pieces of 5" by 7" chipboard
Zutter Bind-it-All system (optional)
1" inch Bind-it_All O-wires, black finish (optional)
13 12" lenths of ribbon, multiple colors
2 12" lengths of ric rac
Acid-free glue
Acid-free spray adhesive
Assorted embellishments, such as silk flower petals, rhinestones, buttons, twine, trim and charms
Ball chain and charm


Begin by printing 20 5" by 7" bingo or game cards by KB and Friends. You can print them at home on matte photo paper or have them printed by photo finisher or at a copy center.

Use the acid-free spray adhesive to adhere the printed cards to the front and back of the 5" by 7" pieces of chipboard, keeping in mind the order of the pages of your book.

Glue photos to the pages and embellish your book with flowers, rhinestones and anything else you can think of.  Use the acid-free glue to secure the photos and embellishments.

Finally, use the Zutter Bind-it-All system to create a spiral binding. The Bind-it-All system will give your book a professional look with little effort. Follow the directions that came with your Bind-it-All. As an alternative, use a paper punch to punch three holes along the left side of your album and secure with three, 1" book rings.

Now, fold the 12" strips of ribbon and ric rac in half and tie them to your book's O-ring binding or to the book rings. For a final touch, attach a ball chain and charm to the O-ring binding or one of the book rings.

A bingo-card album would work for a variety of themes, such as Christmas, Halloween, birthday, heritage, game night, fun and games. Try them all!