Friday, February 14, 2020

Make a Valentine's Day Album that looks like a Children's Book

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Cover
We love mini scrapbook albums that use children's books as the cover. But when you don't have the right book on hand, you can make one using KB and Friend's Valentine's Day book covers!

For the mini album above, we used printables from KB and Friends' Etsy shop, and the rest of the embellishments were from our stash of scrapbook stuff.

We started with our printable retro children Valentine's Day books covers.

We chose the book cover with the title "We 'auto' be together," featuring an adorable boy and girl in a red convertible. We printed the front and back covers, then used spray adhesive to glue them to 5" by 7" chipboard.

The inside pages were also adhered to 5" by 7" chipboard. We used store-bought papers to cover some of the pages. For others, such as the bingo card page, we used printables from KB and Friends.

Before embellishing the book pages, we used our Zutter Bind-it-All to create the wire binding.

The fun part was decorating the book. We used a mix of our own printable Valentine's Day embellishments along with store-bought embellishments that we already had.

Make sure you check out the vintage shaker full of mini retro Valentines. The shaker is attached to the inside cover page using a metal binder clip.

Here is the finished product:

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Front and Back Covers

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Inside Cover

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Bird Inside Page

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Deer Inside Page

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Inside Flower Page

KB and Friends' Retro Valentine's Day Mini Album Back Cover

We hope this inspires you to make your own mini album using KB and Friends' book covers and retro ephemera.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

There's still time left for Valentine's Day crafting!

With just a few more days left until Valentine's Day, we knew we had to show you these absolutely adorable mini albums made by crafter extraordinaire Stephanie Jordan.

We're pleased as punch to see how she utilized our Valentine's Day printable graphics.

Stephanie says that she turned our Valentine's Day boxes into album covers, and they are so yummy too look at.

Here are the printable boxes that she used from KB and Friends:

KB and Friends' Retro Valentines Box

KB and Friends' Cute Pie Valentine's Day Box
KB and Friends' Assorted Valentines Valentine's Day Box

We love how Stephanie cut out a window in the box tops so that you can see through to the embellishments inside. It's a tantalizing little peek into each album that makes you more than ever want to open it.

So if Stephanie's album covers weren't enough candy for your eyes, here's a look at the sweet inside: 

Oh, the adorable pockets and pages filled with retro ephemera from KB and Friends! We're so happy when our work is used in such creative ways.

Stephanie used these Valentine's Day kits full of printable ephemera:

KB and Friends' Valentine's Day Fun & Games Ephemera

KB and Friends' Retro Love Meter Valentine's Day Ephemera

So if you're a last-minute crafter, we hope that Stephanie's journals have inspired you to get going! It's easy. And with our printable graphics, you don't even have to leave your house to make a fabulous Valentine's Day album. Thank you to Stephanie for sharing her eye-catching albums.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Inspiring Junk Journals from Luci and Loley

This week's inspiration comes from Gina Gilliam, who turns trash into treasure by making junk journals. She sells them at Luci and Loley

For those of you who are new to junk journals, they are handmade scrapbooks made up of reused vintage paper items such as a greeting cards, receipts, textbook pages, flashcards and other ephemera like that sold at KB and Friends

Gina is a KB and Friends' customer who combines our printable ephemera with odds and ends that she has collected to create an eclectic and eye-catching look to her works of art. 

Below are pages from a junk journal that she created using our newest cooking-themed, retro kitchen graphics. This kind of two-ringed, tabbed journal would make the perfect holder for recipe cards. The guest check, tickets and milk carton top are really fun embellishments that help give this journal a dose of nostalgia.

Kitchen Junk Journal by Luci and Loley

Kitchen Junk Journal by Luci and Loley

Kitchen Junk Journal by Luci and Loley

Here are the KB and Friends' products that she used for the kitchen-themed journal:

Printable Food Box Tops by KB and Friends
Printable Retro Kitchen Ephemera by KB and Friends

Moving on to more eye candy from Gina, here are some of her other latest and greatest creations. Buy them from  Luci and Loley or get inspired to make your own with printables from KB and Friends.

One fun technique is to use lunch-size paper bags as a base. Paper bags are one of those readily available household objects that give junk journals a truly vintage vibe. That's how Gina created the next three junk journals.

Retro Paper Bag Journal by Luci and Loley

Birds Paper Bag Junk Journal by Luci and Loley

The next two journals feature one of our favorite binding methods: wire binding. You need a special machine, such as a Zutter Bind-it-All, to do this, but, as you can see from Gina's examples, it really gives the junk journals a finished, professional look.

Spring-themed Wire Bound Journal from Luci and Loley

Wire Bound Retro Junk Journal by Luci and Loley

We hope that these junk journals have sparked your imagination!