Monday, June 1, 2020

Kittywitty Academy bonus from KB and Friends!

Big news! Our friend Amy over at Kittwitty Academy started selling her class on building and binding a junk journal beginning today. 

Those who purchase the class through June 8, 2020, will receive as a bonus a coupon code from KB and Friends. The code is good for 20% off purchases of $10 or more (U.S. dollars) from KB and Friends' shop at Etsy. The code is good for one year and will be emailed to Kittywitty students on June 9.

This is a great deal. Amy at Kittywitty is the premier teacher of how to make junk journals using Little Golden Books and other children's books. Her junk journals are highly sought after, and she is a fabulous teacher, as well.

Here's what Amy says about her class: "If you are finally ready to learn how to make a junk journal, I can teach you how in my trademark patient teaching style.  I will take you step-by-step, explaining everything in detail so learning how to make a junk journal will be easy and fun, not overwhelming or intimidating!"

The self-paced class costs $37. In addition, Amy  will be there to answer questions or provide help if you need it. You will be able to email her as well as join the private Facebook group that was set up just for Kittywitty Academy students. Do hurry over to Kittywitty to purchase this class!

If you're not sure whether this class if for you, then take a look at the free videos Amy offers on Kittywitty's YouTube channel. We are honored that Amy uses a lot of printables from KB and Friends, as shown in the screenshot below taken from one of her videos.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

ABCs (and other essentials) for Alma the doll

What's a doll to do without a fun wardrobe and little extras like ABC flashcards, bingo cards and books?

Well, Tanna Beth, owner of Sew Dollish Boutique at Etsy, has an answer.

Alma the doll enjoys her new book of nursery rhymes

Not only does Tanna make adorable dresses for dollies, but she also is using products from KB and Friends to create miniature items for dolls. In the photo above, Tanna used our printable nursery rhyme cards to create a book suitable for a doll.

Of course, what inspired Tanna to make these tiny creations was her adorable doll, Alma, who has her own website, Adventures with Alma.

Like the rest of us, Alma needs stuff, so Tanna has been busy making books, bingo cards and flashcards in the teeny tiny sizes Alma needs.

Here's a miniature book that Tanna made using KB and Friends' printable children's book cover.

Miniature doll book made by Tanna Beth

Upclose look at miniature doll book made by Tanna Beth

You can print in doll sizes

Tanna prints KB and Friends' printables at a fraction of their regular size.

This can easily be done by changing the settings on your printer software. Most printers allow you to print at a percentage of the size of the digital page. For example, you can choose to print at 50% or 25% the size to get small enough prints for your dolls.

Alma the doll enjoys a game of bingo

Doll-sized bingo cards made by Tanna Beth

Doll-sized bingo cards made by Tanna Beth

And now, Tanna is also selling some of those doll goods in her shop. Check out the doll-sized bingo cards shown above. And, below, you'll see even more goodies made by Tanna.

ABC cards for a doll made by Tanna Beth

Doll books by Tanna Beth

Tanna's mother, meanwhile, makes adorable clothing for Alma. You can see the doll clothes she sells at her Etsy shop, Designed By Jac Qs.

So now that Tanna's doll Alma is all set, it's time to think about furnishing the rest of the dolls of the world with such fun items to play with.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Have a "Hoppy" Easter!

With Easter quickly approaching, we thought you might have fun with our free, new printable cootie catcher - and you'll find it only here!

KB and Friends Easter Cootie Catcher
Click here to download your own cootie catcher in a print-ready PDF format. Instructions are included. This cootie catcher will be available for free download until April 30, 2020. [Edited: We're sorry, but the cootie catcher is no longer available for free download.]

Please abide by our terms of use that are within the document and enjoy this fun fortune-telling game with the children in your life.

Easter ephemera for your crafts

While you're here, take a look at some of our Easter-themed printable ephemera available at KB and Friends' Etsy Shop.

Retro Easter Spring Printable Children's Coloring Book Covers

KB and Friends Retro Easter Spring Digital Ephemera & Journaling Cards

KB and Friends Retro Easter Basket & Spring Digital Ephemera Cards, Junk Journal Pages
KB and Friends Printable Retro Easter Egg Coloring Box with Bunny

KB and Friends Printable Retro Spring Coloring Book Covers